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A and J's Animal House Pty Ltd
A Cast of Thousands
A&K Actor/Model Management
A.G.P. Productions (Aust.) Pty Ltd
A7 House Films
Aardvark Films
Ab Fab Fancy Dress
Abacus Security Services
Abbey, Kelley
Abbey, Sarah
Abbott, Felicity
Abbott, Stephen
ABC Commercial
ABC Commercial
ABC Commercial
ABC Commercial - Non Theatric Sales
ABC Commercial, Library Sales
ABC Commercial, Program Sales Worldwide
ABC Costume Hire
ABC Music Publishing
ABC Resource Sales
Abe (Eye Visuals Pty Ltd - Video Split)
Abernethy, Rosslyn M
Able Video & Multimedia Pty Ltd
Aboriginal Nations Australia Pty Ltd
Abracadabra Films
Abraxas Entertainment
Absolutely Animals
Absolutely Wild Visuals
Academy Animals
Academy of Photogenic Arts trading as APA International Film School
accent design
Accent Film Entertainment
Ace Midland Gate Cinemas
Ace Rockingham City Cinemas
Ace Subiaco Cineplex
Acer Arena
Achtel, Pawel
ACMI Cinemas
Acquisto, Luigi
ACT Filmmakers' Network
Action Animals
Action Stunts Australia
Active Artists Management Pty Ltd
Active Lighting Pty Ltd
activeTV Pty Ltd
Actors Creative International LLC
Actors Ink
Actors NOW
ACTT - Actors College Of Theatre & Television
Adagold Aviation
Adam Walker Film
Adams, Brian
Adams, Robert
Adamson, Lorelle
Adamson, Mark
Addis, Erika
Addison, Alice
Adelaide Artists Agency
Adelaide Crew
Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide Film Hire
Adonis Films Pty Ltd
Adrenalin Sounds Pty Ltd
Adrichem, Nicolle
Adshead, Chris
Advance Video Productions
Aerial Camera Systems Australia
Aerial Film Australia
Agency 888
Agenda Film Productions
Agent M
Aggreko Generator Rentals Pty Ltd
Aikin, Michele
Ainsworth, Kerri
Air Charter Network
Airview Xtreme Pty Ltd
Aistrope, Wayne
Akbarzadeh, Sherwin
Akitipe Studios
Alan Dredge & Co Pty Ltd
Alan's Unique Car Carriers Pty Ltd
Albert, Marina
Alcam Film & Video Production
Alchemy Artists
Alchemy Films Pty Ltd
Alcock, Robert
Aldenhoven, Jan
Alexander, Brian
Alexander, Janni
Alexander, Sandra
Alice Springs Film and Television
Alien Audio
All At Once
All Music Publishing and Distribution (AMPD)
Allan Eaton Studio Pty Ltd
Allan Sergent Media (formerly Allan Sergent Corporate Video or Allan Sergent Video Productions)
Allan, Anne Marie
Allan, Ian
Allan, Russell
Allen, David
Allen, Richard James
Allformat Locations
Allround Vision
Allsop, Ross
Alperin, Carlos
Alpha One Hire
Alpha Printing
Alsop, John
Altmann, Karin
AM-SET Construction Pty Ltd
Amadio, Nadine
Amazon Pictures Pty Ltd
AMB Productions
Ambience Entertainment
Ambrose Management Pty Ltd
Ambrose, Joan
American Video Camera Rental
Amigos Translate
Amusement Hire Services Pty Ltd
Anandi Films
Ananian-Cooper, Maggy
Ancone, Corrie
Andersen, Gordon
Andersen, John
Andersen, Paul
Anderson ACS, Brett
Anderson, Geoff
Anderson, James Gordon
Anderson, Lance
Anderson, Leon
Anderson, Ric
Anderson, Scott Otto
Anderson, Sue Maree
Anderson, Szumai
Andrea, Tanya
Andreacchio, Mario
Andreef, Christina
Andrew Vial Film Productions Pty Ltd
Andrewartha, Ian
Andrews DGA, Steve E
Andrews, Kylie
Andrews-Baxter, Rosanne
Andrikidis, Peter
Anemogiannis, Con
Angela Heesom Casting
Angela Walsh Productions Pty Ltd
Angell Productions Pty Ltd
Angell, Barbara
Animal & Odd Bod Creators Pty Ltd
Animal Actors Pty Ltd
Animal Logic
Animal Talent
Animals All Around Pty Ltd
Animated Biomedical Productions
Animation Allsorts
Animax Films
Anita Plos Management Pty Ltd
Ankle Biters Animation, Film and Television
Ann Peters and Company
Annear, Debra
Annie Murtagh-Monks & Associates
Annie Wright Publicity
Anning, Kim
Another Big Fish Company
Ansara, Martha
Anthony Nagle & Co Pty Ltd
Anthony Williams Agency
Anthony, Ray
Antidote Films (formerly Gil Scrine Films)
ANZ Stadium
Aon Risk Services Australia Ltd
Aplin, Brett
Appaloosa Films
Aran Michael Management
Aranda Design Pty Ltd
Aranda Film Productions Pty Ltd
Arbuthnot, Andrew
Arcadia Cinemas
Arcadia Pictures Pty Ltd
Archer, Robin
Archer, Sandi
Arclight Films International
Ardill-Guinness, Chris
Arenamedia Pty Ltd
Argall, Ray
Argenzio, Elisa
Argo Management
ARIA Chart Division
ARIA Music Awards
Arid Zone
Ariyamethe, Wil
Arkapaw, Adam
Armfield, Neil
Armiger, Martin
Armstrong & Krause
Armstrong, Gillian
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Shayne
Armstrong, Sonia Louise
Armstrong, Sonja
Armstrong, Su
Arnold ACS, Steve
Arnold, Gillian "Gaye"
Arnott, Paul
Aronson, Lyn
ARRI Australia Pty Ltd
Art & Technology of Make-Up College
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Phillips Music Design
Artec Sound Vision Productions Pty Ltd
Artemis International
Artists International Management
Arts Law Centre of Australia
Arundel Productions
Asano, Yuki
Ascot Wigmakers
Ash, Eve
Ashby, Bernard
Ashley Jones Productions
Ashman, Melissa
Ashton, Darren
Ashton, Marc
Asmar, Tasmara
Associated Creative Talents
Associated Model Agencies
Aston, Sean
Astralinks Pty Ltd
Astridge, Ian
Asylum Films Pty Ltd
AT2 Online Casting
ATD - Disc & Print
Atherden, Geoffrey
Atkin, Mark
Atkins, Clare
Atkins, Lizzette
Atkinson, Trent
Atlantic Films Pty Ltd
ATOM Awards
Atomic Vision Pty Ltd
Auckland Actors
Aucoin, Tara
Audio Artistry
Audio Loc Sound Design
Audio Network Australia
Audio Oz Pty Ltd
Audio Tank
Audiotype Pty Ltd
auf der Heide, Jonathan
Aurora Community Channel
AUS-TV International Pty Ltd
AusCrew Pty Ltd
Ausdigital Media
Austin, Sandi
Australasian International Media Services P/L
Australia Council for the Arts
Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup (AACM)
Australian Associated Productions Pty Ltd
Australian Association of National Advertisers
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Summit
Australian Camel Farm
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Australian Children's Television Foundation
Australian Cinematographers' Society Awards
Australian College of Dramatic Arts & MBCTA Youth Theatre
Australian College of Information Technology (ACIT)
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Australian Council on Children and the Media (inc Young Media Australia)
Australian CREATIVE
Australian Creative Talent Agency
Australian Directors Guild Ltd
Australian Driving Institute
Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft
Australian Film Fighting Academy
Australian Film Institute (AFI)/Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA)
Australian Film Locations
Australian Film Syndicate
Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)
Australian Guild of Screen Composers Limited
Australian International Documentary Conference
Australian International Movie Convention
Australian International Pictures
Australian Livestock & Stunt Promotions
Australian Movie Livestock Pty Ltd
Australian Music Centre
Australian Recording Industry Association Ltd (ARIA)
Australian Reptile Park Pty Ltd
Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society
Australian Screen Editors Inc
Australian Screen Sound Guild Inc
Australian Stunt Management
Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA)
Australian Talent Management
Australian Technology Park Conference Centre
Australian Visual Software Distributors Association Ltd
Australian Writers' Guild (AWG)
Australis Music Group
Autocue By Wordcue
AV Creative Services
Avalon Films Corporation
Avalon, Phillip
Avant Card
Avatar Film Productions Pty Ltd
Averill, Morris
Avid Media Productions
Avrill Stark Entertainment Pty Ltd
Axis Films
Ayre-Smith, Sally
Ayres, Tony
Ayshford, Blake
Ayyar, Suresh
Azure Management Pty Ltd
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